Dynamics 365 is an AI-powered digital engine for commerce across all channels. A future-proof, secure and configurable platform for both B2B and B2C.

Build loyalty

Customize the customer experience. Expand your customer base. Improve your employee’s ability to increase sales and empower your customer dialogue.

Engage customers

Give customers a personalized and seamless shopping experience. Integrate your sales campaigns into the browse, decide and purchase process.

Strengthen digital commerce

Rapid testing and development of digital channels. Strengthen interaction with trading partners. Streamline and automate the entire value chain.

B2B + B2C in ONE

Everything is connected. One platform for B2B and B2C saves time, reduces costs and increases user-friendliness.

Data-driven marketing

Streamline marketing and customer communication by analyzing customer-related data and shopping patterns.

AI-powered recommendations

Cross and up-selling using AI-powered recommendations give customers the opportunity to discover relevant products.

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