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Don’t be uncertain about the choice of technology platform. Microsoft's technology is ranked as a leader by acknowledged analytics companies such as Gartner Group, Forrester and Nucleus Research. This applies to the Dynamics 365 business application, the Power BI analysis platform, the Power Platform for automation, the Office 365 collaboration platform, the Azure cloud platform, and more.

A weak ROI gives no investment in technology.


When planning a digital transformation project, you need to know the return of investment (ROI). The final measure is a profit one known as Net Present Value (NPV). We recommend conducting an ROI analysis before decisions are made or early in the project.


Decision makers are rarely concerned with the choice of technology. It is the ROI that decides. The business case shows if you will get more back than you put in. A solid business case is needed to compete with other important investments that might have a better ROI.


The business case sets the premises for how we implement projects. We focus on the areas with the highest ROI and put aside everything else. When the project is completed, you have a strong basis for assessing your goals.

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