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Great business outcome needs strong advice. We tell you how to automate and improve your business processes based on Microsoft's cloud platform. Regardless of your current Dynamics 365 partner, we are ready to advise and challenge you.​

Return of investment

When planning a digital transformation project, you want to know your return on investment (ROI). Most often it is the board of directors that approves these investments, and this information is crucial to their process.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is all about understanding where your business is, where your competitors are, what your customers expect, what you need to prioritize. It's about strategy, maturity and mindset. It is a journey that never ends.

Best practice

When implementing projects, some approaches are better than others. We deliver our projects using template based best practices. This gives you a more practical approach and speeds up the execution, ensuring success.

Project execution

It is easy to exhaust your employees in complex and time-consuming implementation projects. Many businesses are too ambitious and complete the project without reaching their goals. Be realistic.

Efficient operations

Your operation needs to be efficient and stable. The solution must be up to date. You need quick help and guidance when problems arise. Understand what services you need.

Correctly licensed

Microsoft’s cloud service licensing is complicated. It has a major impact on costs, capacity, and performance. Understand your requirements.

Integration methods

When connecting Dynamics 365 to the outside world, it is important to know how and why. There are many possibilities, including choice of technology, scalability, standardization, and cost of maintenance.

App development

When developing cloud apps for Dynamics 365, technical know-how is important. The design, development method, maintenance and upgrade of the apps are of great importance for costs, stability, and resilience.

Technical architecture

When establishing cloud services, it is important to have the right scale and architecture for a solid foundation. Interaction with existing systems, security, and monitoring are some of the areas that must be defined.

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How projects are implemented is crucial. If you are too ambitious, you fail. Too much customization creates risk. Agile implementation leads to rapid profit realization. Many customers consider the following approach to project implementation:​

Understand the possibilities

Understand the possibilities the technology provides. The envisioning phase is all about prioritizing, highlighting gains, designing solution concepts, and laying out a sensible implementation plan.

Quantify the ROI

What is the project cost - what do we get in return? We calculate the potential for profit realization in all phases of your project. This provides a good basis for decision-making for the company's board and management.

Customers take the lead

In the past the supplier took responsibility for the project implementation. Now digital transformation is so crucial for businesses that the customers take the lead themselves. The roles have changed.

Standard software

System customizations are expensive to maintain. New platforms have rich functionality. Customers want to utilize standard software wherever possible.

Smaller projects

Digitization is an important strategy to stay competitive. Customers are tired of exhausting projects. We minimize risk by limiting scope, focusing value realization.

Agile projects

All our projects start with a basic configured solution and utilize a scenario-based approach. This creates the agility that our customers require.

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Managed services

If your solution is not stable, you lose the rhythm of the business. We make sure that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is always updated. Users get help quickly. We are there if a crisis arises.​

Fixed costs

Customers want predictability. We can deliver support and upgrade agreements with fixed and predictable prices.

Guaranteed response time

We resolve all inquiries as quickly as possible. In addition, we give you a guaranteed response time that is tailored to your needs.

Always up-to-date

Microsoft is constantly releasing new versions of Dynamics 365. Operational and test environments must continuously be updated.

24/7 availability

We support customers who operate with extended opening hours, 24-hour operation, or have operations in several time zones - we are always there.

Expert help

Sometimes you need help with simple questions, other times you need expertise. Meeting the different needs at the right time is great customer service.


When the solutions are constantly updated, it is hard to follow the pace. We give you the insight you need and advice on how to proceed.

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